We are very pleased to have among our participants (subject to final confirmation):

Professor Robert Costanza

“Dr. Costanza is the Gund Professor of Ecological Economics and Director of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics at the University of Vermont. His work has been cited in more than 3,000 scientific articles since 1987 and more than 80 interviews and reports on his work have appeared in various media, including Newsweek, US News and World Report, The Economist, The New York Times, Science, Nature, National Geographic, and National Public Radio”. Read more …

Professor George Maracas

“George Maracas is Director, Nanotechnology at Motorola in Tempe, Arizona, and has been a Motorola Innovator since 1994. Dr. Maracas Leads the nanotechnology research group at Motorola’s Embedded Systems and Physical Sciences Research Center of Excellence, and founded Motorola BioChip Systems” (read more …). Professor Maracas is representing Arizona State University’s sustainability and solar programmes.

Professor Brian Norton

Professor Brian Norton

President of Dublin Institute of Technology and Director of its Dublin Energy Lab. Professor Norton is also President of the Solar Energy Society of Ireland (SESI) and a board member of the International Solar Energy Society. Read more …


Mr. L.M. Ayompe*, Dr. A. Duffy* and Dr. S.J. McCormack+
*Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, School of Civil and Building Services,
Dublin Institute of Technology, Bolton Street, Dublin 1.
+Dublin Energy Lab, Focas Institute, School of Physics, Dublin Institute of Technology, Kevin St, Dublin 8
Economic Analysis of Domestic Solar Water Heating Systems in Ireland – Future Trends and Policy Implications

Mr. J. G. Carton and Dr. A. G. Olabi (more information…)
Dublin City University, School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Optimisation of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell: Flow Plate Design & Testing

Mr. Marius Claudy (more information…)
Dublin Institute of Technology, Energy Policy Research in Domestic Buildings Group
Traffic-related Air Pollution and Sustainable Transport Policy

Ms. Emma Coyle, Dr. K. Joyce, Dr. M. Oelgemöller,
Dublin City University, School of Chemical Sciences
Solar Photooxygenations – A Green Route to Quinonoid Fine Chemicals

Mr. Douglas Ferguson

Mr. Douglas Ferguson (more information …) and Mr. Tom Curran
Queen’s University Belfast, Civil Engineering Division of SPACE
Light Rail Transit – A Flagship Transport Solution for Sustainable Living in Greater Belfast

Mr. J. Lohan, Mr. F. Fitzgerald, Mr. P.J. McAllen and Mr. R. Clarke
Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Centre for the Integration of Sustainable Energy Technologies
Comparison Between Stationary and Tracking Solar Thermal Collectors in Irish Climatic Conditions

Mr. N. Burke, Mr. M. Greene, and Mr. J. Lohan
Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Centre for the integration of Sustainable Energy Technologies, (CiSET)
Experimental Characterisation of Both Air and Ground Source Heat Pump Technologies in the Irish Maritime Climate

Mr. Gavin Harte
Gavin Harte has served as national director of An Taisce and is the founder and developer of Ireland¹s first ecological and sustainable village in Cloughjordan. He is currently developing a programme to provide education for sustainable development with the EPA, ENFO and COMHAR.
The Occasional Lecturer Programme for Education in Sustainable Development

Mr. Brian Hurley

Mr. Brian Hurley
Wind Site Evaluation Ltd.
Co-Founder of and former Chief Scientist with Airtricity, Mr. Hurley also lectured at Dublin Institute of Technology.
Where Does the Wind Come From and How Much Energy Is There?

Professor William Kingston

Professor William Kingston

Professor William Kingston (more information…) Research Associate in Business Studies
University of Dublin, Trinity College (TCD), School of Business
Visiting Professor, George Mason University, Virginia, USA
Ocean Energy: Shoreline, Wave and Tidal

Dr. Shane Linnane and Dr. Davide Susta,
Dublin City University, School Health & Human Performance
Turning Calories into Useful Energy

Dr. Anne Morrissey* (more information…) and Ms. Julie Devereux+
* Dublin City University, Oscail
+ University of Dublin, Trinity College (TCD), Department of Computer Science
The Integration of Electricity from WPG into the National Grid – An Evaluation of the ICT Challenges

Ms. Sharon Murphy, Mr. Mark Cullen, Ms. Ann-Marie Deegan, Ms. Clair Lacey, Dr. Anne Morrissey, Dr. Michael Oelgemöller and Dr. John Tobin
Dublin City University, School of Chemical Sciences
Detection and Sustainable Degradation of Pharmaceuticals

Dr. M. Oelgemöller

Dr. M. Oelgemöller (more information…), Ms. E. Coyle, Dr. C. Jung and Professor J. Mattay
Dublin City University, School of Chemical Sciences, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Ireland
“Green Photochemistry” – The Production of Fine Chemicals with Sunlight

Mr. David Philip
Education Manager, Cultivate – Sustainable Living & Learning Centre
“David Philip is currently the Education Co-ordinator at the Cultivate Living and Learning Centre in Dublin. He was a founding member of both FEASTA: the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability and Sustainable Projects Ireland LTD the company behind the sustainable community project in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary. David has ten years of experience of managing projects in the ‘sustainability’ sector in Ireland” (more information…).
An Overview of Cultivate – Sustainable Living & Learning Centre

Professor Haifeng Wang

Professor Haifeng Wang (more information…)
Director of Research, Electric Power and Energy Systems
Queen’s University Belfast, School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Introduction to Research Activities in the Area of Renewable Power Generation and Supply at QUB

And others.

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